"Shadows From The Past"

By Theron Moore

It took me a few times to listen to this record and connect with it but I did, thank god.  I’d hate it if my last review for Wormwood Chronicles was a negative one, especially when it’s concerning a band I’m a legit fan of – Lords of the Trident.  In fact, they made such an impression on me with previous records “Frostburn” and “Chains on Fire” that I included them in volume II of my three book series, “All My Friends Are Rock Stars” .  Well deserving, indeed.

“Shadows From The Past” is LOTT’s new disc  and it’s everything you’d expect from this band and more.  I feel like this record is more mature, more polished than previous ones, and trust me, that’s not a negative, that’s a big time positive because the LOTT back catalog is pure gold.

“Shadows From The Past” is a serious step forward in song presentation / progression and how tight these guys have become.  This is 11 tracks of killer metal, loved it all, with two exceptions,. The ballad “Figaro” and the weirdo conceptual piece, “The Party Has Arrived,” didn’t work for me.  Nix these two and it’s a near perfect record.

The Lords are at their strongest when they’re pounding chest, spewing Greek fire, and vanquishing foes with a +2 battle axe of pure rock N roll fury which is precisely why  power ballads aren’t a good fit for this band – they don’t match up.  That’s why “Figaro” is a no go.   I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.  Leave the ballads to REO and Foreigner.  They pull it off fine.  Poison too.  But not a band like the Lords.  

And then we have the strange inclusion of “The Party Has Arrived” which baffles me why it was ever green lit to appear on this record AT ALL.  Listen to this track and you’ll understand why.  It’s like a fart in church – it gets your attention but it just doesn’t belong.  And it stinks too. 

All in all, “Shadows From The Past” is pretty damn good power metal, or electro violence metal, whatever you want to call it, it still rocks.  And I’d like to mention something I eluded to earlier also –the LOTT back catalog.  If you like what you hear with this record but maybe not too familiar with this band, check out their previous releases, you won’t be sorry.  Standout tunes on Shadows From The Past” include “Death Dealer,” “Tormentor” and “Brothers of Cain.”  

Right now Madison is experiencing a surge in killer local metal including Vermillion, Ultrea and Lords of the Trident.  Check out LOTT’s Facebook page and have fun with these guys.  They know music, they dig metal, and Shadows From The Past” is proof of that. On a scale of 1 to 5 battle vest wearing Red Dragons with 1 being weakest and 5 being strongest, I’m giving this record a 5.  It’s fierce.