by Octopi Mills

"Straight to the point music. Fierce and guitar olympic, the music stands alone with it's own brand of unique riffs and solos. Inspired by classic and new artists, composed and recorded with an eye for necessity and diversity." This is how the music is described by these fellows in their own words, who are a two piece from Illinois, U.S.A. The guitars are wildly mentally ill and all over the place and this achieves a strange sound for the genre of what we know as metal music. Much like an older sounding band, the music uses more modern methods and recording trciks and applies them in such a way that makes a cleaner sounding production. 

The music of Lordgiver is definitely a sort of hybrid metal; speed, black, and death metal all come to boil and broth in the sound, which is full of changes and chaotic pieces stitched together in the democracy the two bandmates share as writers. The live image of the band is theatric and the promo photo shows a bizarre moth-man looking character amidst fire. Vocals are strange and maddening, as are the lyrics themselves which resemble the spider's web of a spider who has been given governmental L.S.D, and this can be said of the guitar solos and rhythms. Members, if I am correct, are Lordgiver and Fatalgeist, making themselves responsible for this crime called "Apostasy." Songs are shorter than most extreme metal acts and not too long winded or belaboring. If you are bored with the predictable sound of most new or long running metal bands and their music this may just be your cup of tea for something strangely and insanely different than all the rest out there. Though the production is newer sounding the overall thing reminds of the underground metal days long ago in terms of its delivery. Though the band is unsigned by traditional means, the music and album can be found at their youtube and a few other places which I will add as a link at the end of this review.