By Dr. Abner Mality

This band is described as virtually any genre you can think of except rap and country. They are said to have aspects of black metal, sludge, hardcore, NWOBHM and blues rock and to have influence from a crazy quilt flea market of bands  including DARKTHRONE, ZZ TOP, MASTODON, KVELERTAK and THIN LIZZY. The publicist has been working too hard and needs to take a rest. The DARKTHRONE and KVELERTAK traces are definitely present. If I strain hard, I can hear a little MASTODON. The ZZ and LIZZY talk is nonsense. I guess LORD ALMIGHTY contains electric guitar, bass and drums, which would give them something in common with ZZ TOP and about 10,000 other bands off the top of my head. On the track “Hooded Three”, there’s some twin guitar harmony playing, which I guess THIN LIZZY did a lot of, but so have many, many other bands.

Despite all the hot air, “Wither” is a fairly entertaining listen and while LORD ALMIGHTY draws from various influences, it’s not too jarring a juxtaposition. Some of you may recall the French black metal band GLORIOR BELLI...that’s the closest comparison I could make to these guys. The sound here is very organic and pleasingly unpolished. Black metal is the overriding component and can be found in virtually every track. “Cry of the Earth” opens with a Norse barrage that could have come straight from the fjords. The more primitive sound of DARKTHRONE rears its ugly head on “Mercy” and “Hour By Hour”, but it’s sometimes mixed with a more sludgy rock and roll feel. The rawness of KVELERTAK arises on “Rise” and the title track and there is a bluesy side to LORD ALMIGHTY, but a very ugly one.

None of the songs overstay their welcome so nothing is really gets boring. The album breezes by and the mix of styles keeps one on one’s toes. I’d definitely be up to hear more from LORD ALMIGHTY.