“Dios Carne”

By Dr. Abner Mality

These Spanish grind stalwarts are well overdue for some recognition. They are one of the better bands in their genre and “Dios Carne” does nothing to disprove that assertion.

They’ve always known how to mix the blast furnace of total speed grind with catchier and groovier riffs. Almost any tune here will back that up. Just when you get a little tired of the complete holocaust, along comes a hook that will make you hit the D.R.I. stick man pose and go nuts. The production here is real warm and rich, nothing cheap about it. The lyrics are all in Spanish but that doesn’t make a hell of a lot of difference because Santi’s vocals sound like Godzilla roaring through a wind tunnel. If memory serves me, they are strict vegans and most lyrics are about man’s massacre of the natural world.

One very cool change here is “Muerte Lenta”, a long and crushing example of death/doom that slows things down to Sherman tank speed. Santi’s roars are even more devastating in this context and by LFAA standards, the song is a lengthy epic. It leads brilliantly into the crazed mayhem of last track “Liberacion”. 

One of the best grindcore bands anywhere on the planet….seek them out and prepare to burn!