"Eterno Treblinka"

By Dr. Abner Mality

If there's a better, catchier, more bull-dozing grind album than this released this year, I couldn't imagine what it would be. These Spanish vegans are revolted by the sight of blood on their dinner plates, but they relish it when it comes from the tortured ears of their listeners. WOW! I thought their countryment Haemorrhage were unbeatable with their latest "Hospital Carnage, but Looking For An Answer goes them one better here.

This is what grindcore is all about. Fat and meaty riffs, machine gun speed, pig grunt vocals and a general commitment to wrecking your neck at all costs. Seventeen napalm grenades are lobbed at the hapless listener...the songs are short, but not ridiculously so and allow plenty of time for you to skank madly around. There's no filler, long samples, no ambient interludes, no needless feeback. Every track is right on target. But if I had to pick faves, I'd say "Tapias de Cementario", "Campo de Exterminio" and "Plaga Humana" are the best of a very bloodthirsty breed. Yes, lyrics are in Spanish, but even so, you can tell these guys are committed to vegan ideals.

Top it off with a wonderfully offensive cover and you have a simply flawless grindcore album.