"The Fourth and Final Horseman"

By Rusty Coffinnails

French power metal band Lonewolf have managed to recapture the 80s power metal feel with their latest offering called "The Fourth and Final Horseman". Now Lonewolf took a chance on this by staying with such an overdone style as power metal and sadly they did not bring too much out of the ordinary to the table. They cover war, victory, dragons, brotherhood and all that Manowar/Mastodon sort of stuff. Now don't get me wrong,  they are super talented and some of the guitar work is off the charts but the vocals seem to step on top of them. The singer Jens Börner has a rough voice that works out in a throw back sort of way, but he might have wanted to step back from the mic a bit. I won't get too deep in to the DNA of this one because there is nothing unique enough to go in to any great detail.  It is pure and simple Power Metal at it's most basic form. I have no top or bottom for this one, it's not bad at all but not memorable either.

If you are a huge fan of power metal songs about dragons, skulls, war, victory etc. give this one a shot, it's not bad.