"Iron Balls Of Steel"

By Lord Randall

What does one do when the band you’re most known for being a part of breaks up?
If you’re CONFESSOR alumni Cary Rowells, you nab the rest of the rhythm section – in this case drummer Steve Shelton – and venture forth on paths instrumental. It might be a good idea to snatch up a guitarist or two while you’re at it. Enter Pen Rollings and Tannon Penland. And thusly was formed LOINCLOTH, now teabagging their Iron Balls Of Steel upon the world a mere 9 years after their last EP.

Less rawk’n overall than, say, KARMA TO BURN, LOINCLOTH is more about 
the creation of musical moods. Take not the previous statement to mean that the quartet lacks in power, chillun, ‘Hoof-Hearted’ dropkicking us back to the days of early HELMET (think Born Annoying), and the gloriously titled ‘Sactopus’ bringing to mind the mighty and much-missed QUICKSAND with its disjointed rhythms and raucous ethic. There’s not a little UNSANE at play here, especially within the walls of ‘Shark Dancer’ and the lumbering lurch of ‘Beyond Wolf’, but what matters most is that LOINCLOTH is honoring their influences without mimicry, celebrating without 
copping an obvious feel.

And, in the process, LOINCLOTH has created something that is true to itself. Imagine Iron Balls Of Steel as a leisurely walk through a sonic art gallery, but be mindful one of those pieces of art doesn’t suddenly pummel you in the face.