"Infinite Dissolution"

By Dr. Abner Mality

The previous Locrian record "Return To Annihilation" was as misty and murky as its cover art, an image of a parking lot swallowed in fog. Their followup "Infinite Dissolution" is much different, with a shiny, angular machine sculpture exposed by electric brightness on the cover. Honestly, after hearing "Infinite Dissolution", I have to say that Locrian is one of the most breathtakingly emotional bands of ANY kind out there.

Calling this "atmospheric" is like saying Bill Cosby has a public relations problem. This is incredibly expressive and emotional music that really blows away anything previously performed by Locrian. The mostly instrumental album deals with the concept of extinction and the music actually evokes feelings of dread, sadness, nostalgia and chaos that extinction brings to mind. There is no set way to describe the band. "Infinite Dissolution" is definitely louder and heavier than "Return To Annihilation"...the guitar is more pronounced and the music has more "weight". But this is not a metal album. It's a perfect mixture of industrial ambient, atmospheric black metal, driving post-metal and cinematic noise. No one sound predominates. Even the "softer" music is emotionally very heavy. And each song here seamlessly integrates with the others to create a total experience.

My descriptions will not suffice, this is an album that must be experienced personally. I will say that some highlights include the harsh black industrial opening track "Arc of Extinction" with its agonizing screams, the driving "The Future of Death", the sad and ghost-like "KXL III" where you can almost physically feel the tragedy of extinction and the Floyd-influenced "Heavy Water". Every track here should be listened to intently and the album should be heard straight through, not in bits and pieces.

An amazing piece of work that transcends the metal, industrial and ambient worlds.