By Dr. Abner Mality

This is prime cut grindcore that slices and dices like a Ginsu knife. Considering who’s in the band, who would expect any less? Every few years, these guys get together and quietly release a skull-crushing album. With “Demonization”, they’ve really outdone themselves.

I actually prefer this to the last Napalm Death album. And it definitely destroys anything that the other grind supergroup, Venomous Concept, has done. It’s just a coalescing of four awesome talents around a very simple concept: create the best and most efficient grindcore possible. Let’s face it, Lock Up’s music is nothing that hasn’t been done before, but, boy, it’s hard to imagine anybody doing better than this.

14 tracks of killer extreme metal with variation in song writing and some of the best riffs you’ll hear this year.  Stand out cuts for me were the menacing stomp of the title track,  the awesome high speed destruction of “Instruments of Armageddon”  and “Sunk”, the slightly more death metal “Foul From The Pure” and the grooving, pit-worth y “Void”. Guitarist Anton Reisenegger is the riff machine that keeps Lock Up rolling while drummer Nick Barker is a beast when it comes to pummeling drum rolls. Add the fat bass of Shane Embury and the raspy vocals of Kevin Sharp (one of the busiest men in extreme metal) and you have the musical piledriver that is Lock Up. A tremendous grindcore offering!