By Dr. Abner Mality

It’s no secret that the I, Voidhanger label specializes in weird and esoteric metal. And usually they have a pretty good ear for mystical metal. But with Lo-Ruhamah, they miss the mark.

Certainly the band is cosmically bizarre enough to qualify. The promo sheet is a veritable explosion of bombastic terms like “divinity”, “consciousness” and “enlightenment”. That had me ready for something in the vein of their labelmates Spectral Lore…vast and mysterious. Alas Lo-Ruhamah’s sound is closer to typical dissonant black metal. The guitar sound is bell-like and reverberating, the songs are of intermediate length and the roaring vocals overwhelm your brain in short order.

I actually don’t think “Anointing” is a bad album…the songs are intelligently structured and the instrumental performances are fine. There’s just nothing here that seems to reach me. It seems like Lo-Ruhamah are longing to soar the celestial winds but are anchored to the mundane Earth. Maybe next time?