"Scythes Towards Psyche"

By Dr. Abner Mality

This Lithuanian band has unleashed their brand of "controlled chaos" on this 5 track debut EP. It's ugly war-like metal that should appeal to sewer crawlers in the lowest depths of the underground but done with a bit more structure and song-writing acumen. Imagine what messy "chaos metal" bands like Deiphago and Black Witchery would sound like if they injected more mid-tempo into their holocaustic attack and actually wrote coherent songs.

No need to go through all of the track as they are all cut from the same cloth. The majority of them are based on roaring cyclone-like speed that is just barely kept in check, but crunchy semi-doom riffs also pop up. The vocals are about what you'd expect, with plenty of echo effect and exclamations like "OOGH!" and "HAH!"/ Guitar soloing is off the hook screaming mayhem. A good thing is that the songs are all direct and to the point. A lot of bands like this indulge in senselessly droning soundscapes and "scary" samples (that have mostly been heard more times than Trump saying "believe me") but not Living Altar. That's a good sign.

Lots of stuff in this vein gets released in the underground. Living Altar is worth paying attention to and hopefully they can unleash a full-length that builds on this.