By Dr. Abner Mality

If you've seen the movie "The Ghost in The Darkness", you've seen the story of the real "lions of Tsavo"...unusually fierce man-eating lions who bedeviled a train project in early 20th century Africa. I have actually seen the stuffed bodies of the real cats at Chicago's Field Museum. Lions of Tsavo is a pretty good name for a band that claims to be fierce and wild.

Apparently these guys were fierce and wild enough to put famed producer Billy Anderson into therapy and give him some sleepless nights. Well, I feel a certain amount of pride that I must now be considerably tougher than Billy Anderson. Lions of Tsavo is basically a post-metal band with more aggression than most and some traces of sludge and doom. They didn't cause my teeth to chatter, my knees to knock or my bowels to vacate. I'd suggest we give the Lions a long session listening to the latest double LP of tortured horror from Abyssal and they would be reduced to mewling kittens pretty fast. Does that mean "Traverser" is a bad album? No, not at all, it just means that PR hype unfortunately puts it in a box it shouldn't occupy in the first place.

There are certainly moments of great heaviness and rawness here, but nothing that would cause my walls to cave in. There's quite a bit of that low-key jangle and twang found in the post-metal realm, but it never totally dominates a song. Some of "Traverser" is quite noisy and pissed and the military sounding drums are as "real" as you can get. The result is a record that can hold your interest while you listen to it, but not afterwards. Something for "beard metal" completists.