“Spectre Abysm”

By Dr. Abner Mality

Every few years, Limbonic Art rises from the ebon deeps and blesses us with a new black metal epic. Prolific they are not, but epic they are. These guys have always symbolized modern black metal way more than better known acts like Dimmu Borgir and Cradle of Filth.. They hit you with a massive wall of sound combining blistering guitars with immense keyboard orchestrations. And it is 100% dipped in inky darkness.

Seven tracks on “Spectre Abysm” but have no fear of a 20 minute “full length”. The band has never been afraid to create lengthy but engaging tracks and many of the songs here exceed the seven minute mark. Somehow Limbonic Art knows just how to create keyboard-heavy black metal that is not wimpy or overly proggy in the least. In fact, this album is rather stripped down compared to their earlier efforts. “Demonic Resurrection” and “Ethereal Traveler” typify the Limbonic style, which is essentially Norwegian and played with the hunger of ravenous wolves. It’s third track “Omega Doom” where they really show their superiority….what a well thought out and epic cut this is, with killer riffing and tremendous symphonic sound.

The band begins to experiment with the last two songs. “Disciplina Arcana” ends with weidly dissonant and industrial keys while “Through The Vast Profundity Obscure” is extremely progressive and ever changing black metal overkill that engulfs the senses. It’s a lot to swallow but at least Limbonic Art are trying to throw a couple of twists into their core orthodox sound.

Will we have to wait six or seven more years for the next LA opus? I have my fingers crossed…