"One Night in the Temple"

By Dark Starr

This is quite a cool set. Lillian Axe threw a party for family, friends and some lucky fans. It was an intimate “acoustic” concert. The whole show was recorded and filmed and this two CD one DVD set is the record of it. In addition to the music, there is a lot of story-telling. The music really is the selling factor, though. Although this is billed as acoustic, perhaps a better description would be “sans distortion” as they do electrify Steve Blaze’s guitar throughout the show. These guys play an intricate form of melodic hard rock that really works well in this kind of environment. When you hear the opener "Waters Rising" and even more so second track "Death Comes Tomorrow", you realize that "acoustic" does not equal "ballad". Both songs retain a hard rocking feel. On "Ghost of Winter", the level of complexity and guitar work is quite breath-taking...few bands are capable of this.

With 2 discs worth of material, it would be monotonous to go over the highlights, of which there are many.The whole show is great, really and will appeal to fans of metal, prog and powerful acoustic music. The fact that we also get a DVD of the set is like icing on the cake. With even just the CD it would be well worth having.