“Misanthropic Breed”

By Dr. Abner Mality

If you are starving for DISMEMBER-style Swedish death metal, LIK is back to take care of your needs. These guys nailed the DISMEMBER sound on their last album “Carnage” and “Misanthropic Breed” is no different. This is flat out morbid chainsaw worship.

The album comes at you like a mad slasher, with short, sharp strokes, starting with “The Weird” and continuing in like fashion. The songs don’t beat around the bush and do their damage quickly. The beloved HM-2 chainsaw sound is here in spades and never lets up. LIK doesn’t overthink things, but they do include a lot of the patented DISMEMBER melody, especially on the likes of “Funeral Anthem” and “Flesh Frenzy”. Once in a while you get hammered with tank-like crush, best heard on “Females Fatal to the Flesh”(I’m sure MORBID ANGEL gets a kick out of that song title), but make no mistake, LIK is mostly into fast, furious rippers.

My feeling is pretty much the same it was after hearing “Carnage”. The outright imitation of a known band is kinda creepy, but the mastery of the Swedish DM style is unquestioned. Definitely get if you like that classic sound.