"A Place Where There’s No More Pain"

By Sgt Deth

Almost 12 years of waiting is over, and overall most of this new release is worth the wait. There is a lot of their original sound left, while still sounding fresh. The production is crisp and clear, and most important very heavy sounding. Sounds like these guys have never stopped practicing, as there is no lack of musical talent on this new one either.

Starts out with “Meet My Maker”, which sets the stage for the rest of the album. Plenty of heavy guitar riffs and mosh ready beats to start out with. Then on to “Right This Wrong”, which is heavy, while trippy and groovy as well.  Reminds me a little of old Alice In Chains and some of their heavier stuff. Then on to the title track which has a ton of snappy beats and riffs. Here is where I start feeling nostalgic and can hear the old LOA sound coming through. I can just imagine how the title track and other thumping songs like “World Gone Mad” would sound on big concert speakers. Also, must mention that “World Gone Mad” sounds so much like some old Foo Fighters, especially the vocals. Which really doesn’t surprise me as I remember them touring together back in the ‘90s. I have to wonder what other stories or legends there are about those LOA ‘90s tours that we don’t know about. I think that would be a fun interview, which maybe we will have the honor of doing some day.

There are also a few slower songs, but good songs, such as “Dead Speak Kindly”, “Bag of Bones”, and the kind-of-odd final track, “Little Spots of You”. And the final track also emulates the vinyl record sound when the needle gets stuck in the blank space at the end. Not saying slow is bad, just mentioning that they are delving in to different sounds and not stuck on just one vein. I can see them changing and morphing if they stick around the scene and keep producing new music. This one kind of sounds like them sticking their toe in the water a little, but worth the listen and the purchase. True metal here.