"Better To Die On Your Feet Than Live On Your Knees"

By Dr. Abner Mality

2012 is only a couple of weeks old as I pen these words, but the rest of the year is gonna have to work pretty damn hard to beat this release as one of the craziest of the year. 25 minutes of total insanity that will have you gaping in disbelief and ready to proclaim Liberteer the work of madmen or geniuses or both.

Imagine extreme spastic grindcore recorded with the harshest Sunlight Studios old Swedish death metal guitar sound. But instead of playing standard grind or death riffs, these guys apply that kind of sound to what sounds like patriotic music as composed by John Phillip Sousa! Toss in actual sections of  over-ripe Americana featuring horns, strings, and banjos. Cap it off with a roaring vocalist declaring lyrics that could have come directly from the manifestos of the Occupy Wall Street movement. Those lyrics should be no surprise when you see song titles like "99 to 1", "Usurious Epitaph", "I Am Spartacus"  and "Class Warfare Never Meant More Than It Does Now".

It is absolutely nuts, but it grinds like hell all the way through and I suspect fans of stuff like Nasum and Rotten Sound may go apeshit over Liberteer if they can stomach the odd injections of patriotic music and defiant lyrics. The record is breathless and is over practically before you know it, but you will be bruised and battered and knocked off your comfort zone by the time it ends. Did I mention that there is even a bit of electronica linking "99 to 1" and "Sweat For Blood"? Or that some of the guitar work during "I Am Spartacus" almost sounds like Euro power metal?

I'm as sick of crooked politicians and fatcats of the 1% as anybody and would love to blast some Liberteer at the bankers in my town. Fucking unbelievable!