By Anathema Decree

Norwegian black metal band LEVIATHAN releases "Förmörkelse", their latest record. This go around, Phycon (Roger Markström) is responsible for the entirety of instrumentation and vocal duties. "Förmörkelse" comes out 18 years after the groups 2002 debut "Far Beyond the Light" . I'm my opinion, a band better off left unresurrected.

Structurally, the arrangements are uninteresting and predictable. There's nothing that stands out as particularly incompetent or offensive, when it comes to the level of performance on the full-length, but I found it distractedly tedious and tiresome. The album goes out of its way concoct a sense of atmospheric substance, that ends up feeling erroneous.

Melodically, there are a few passages that start off with promise, but meander into either pure predictably, or worse yet, clashing notes. The vocals are rather monotoned and lacking in fury and emotion. The drums, guitars, and keys, while all to a degree being technically proficient, seem to mostly be a placeholder for the passage of time.

Everything on this record seems uninterested and phoned in to me. It's almost as if though the purpose for making the album was to fulfill some long forgotten contractual obligation. Although I personally was not a fan of "Far Beyond the Light", it felt like an album with intention and emotional investment. This can not be said about "Förmörkelse". In my opinion, this release, and LEVIATHAN itself would have been better off relegated to the dustbin of bygone mediocrity.