"Avalanche of Worms"

By Dark Starr

This is an all instrumental album. It has quite a bit of heavy metal built into it, but more in a fusion motif. There are other sounds that occur, too. Often fully instrumental releases can suffer from a monolithic nature that leads them to drag and feel redundant. This disc definitely avoids that. It features members of Daath and Cynic. Fans of hard edged instrumental progressive rock should love this.

The most obvious comparison is probably Yngwie Malmsteen. It definitely has a lot of that technical shredfest kind of thing going on, but there is more here than just that, too. I can make out some early Rush at times and bits of Rock In Opposition. You might even hear some Hawkwind or Djam Karet or even Mahavishnu Orchestra at times. The opening to "Architectural Necrosis" makes me think of Captain Beyond. Thrash and Dream Theater-like music also show up at different points.