“Evil Aggressor”

By Dr. Abner Mality

Here’s another rough and ready band from Chicago’s burgeoning metal scene. These guys are a new name to me and specialize in raw, fast metal with a punky edge. Some of it is reminiscent of Midnight’s black rock and roll, some of it brings the early days of Exciter and Razor to mind. Those are some pretty tasty comparisons for this heavy metal doctor.

The album flies by in a flash and could more properly be called a mini-LP. I can’t imagine it goes much beyond 20 minutes. None of the songs are long-winded and a couple such as “Atomik Obedience” and “I Am Your Hero” run under two minutes. That’s where the punk comparisons come in. There’s no way you could call “Evil Aggressor” over-produced, either. It sounds mean and gritty.

Many bands are trying their hand at the same kind of rough rocking metal these days, but when you have an album called “Evil Aggressor”, you can’t be expecting a lot of innovation. This is a solid release that smells like leather, beer and brimstone.