By Dr. Abner Mality

"Ruined" is being released through the Pelagic Records label, which is mostly devoted to post-metal and similar subgenres. That kind of leads to certain expectations, but Lesser Glow seems a lot more primitive and minimalist than most post-metal bands. The record is so short it's almost an EP and the songs are deliberately basic and to the point. It's also really, REALLY heavy in spots.

There's a raw doominess bordering on sludge in most of these songs. They trudge forward like an elephant on the way to the pachyderm's graveyard, with plenty of hollering and roaring vocals. The title track is one dour and bulldozing piece of music and it doesn't drag into infinity like many sludge/post- metal bands do. "Vacant Throne", "Tel Megiddo" and "Empty Eyes" are short and compact and sometimes featuring crooning clean vocals to contrast with the roars. "Fell On Mortal Decay" is a brief, gloomy bit of symphonic sound leading directly into "Under the Polar Shade", which is where the more expansive side of Lesser Glow begins to come to the fore. The somber piano intro to this is almost like funeral music and then the track explodes into crushing heaviness.

There's something appealing about Lesser Glow's simplicity and compactness that separates it from many similar bands. I can't say this is some classic that I'll return to time after time, but it's worth investigating.