“Slaves of the Shadow Realm”

By Dr. Abner Mality

It’s been so long since I’ve heard anything out of Holland’s premiere thrash squad, I thought that they had called it a day. Like Cthulhu rising from R’Lyeh, they surface after five years with “Slaves of the Shadow Realm” and I’m happy to say they haven’t progressed a bit in all that time. This is the same rabid wolverine evil thrash that we’ve come to expect from Legion of the Damned.

This really sounds like it could have been released a year or less after “Ravenous Plague”. It’s savage Euro-thrash with a mean and bloodthirsty edge, not too technical but not totally primitive either. The Kreator/Destruction vocal snarls remain the same. The first three tracks hit hard and fast with total thrash and then things become a bit more thought out and varied. “Slaves of the Southern Cross”, “Priest Hunt” and “Dark Coronation” even have dashes of melody and majesty while still delivering the steel. But I think the Legion is at its best when delivering no-frills rippers like “Black Banners In Flames” and “Azazel’s Crown”.

Legion of the Damned is not known as being a band that’s going to change the thrash paradigm or open up new vistas in music. But they are known for incinerating your ass with mean-spirited thrash and “Slaves of the Shadow Realm” is no different on that score!