"Iron Scorn"

By Theron Moore

This record is seven tracks of low-fi, doom infused, dirgy heaviness.  'Nuff said right there.  The vocals are straight out of an alcohol induced, anxiety laden nightmare.  But I have to be honest and say "Iron Scorn" might be an acquired taste.  For me personally, I dug all the songs, not a bad one in the bunch which is refreshing since you usually get one or two that either clunk out or don't belong.  All seven songs on "Iron Scorn" fit like a corpse in a coffin.

The music and overall vibe of "Iron Scorn" matches the vocals and vice versa so it flows in it's own unique way; it works.  But I can see the point of view where the music and song structure might be too simple.  It boils down to this:  It's all power chords, demonic growls and in the caser of "Overlord of Thunder," a musical / vocal pattern that keeps repeating.  Did this bother me?  No, because it works for this particular band, their sound and this song.  If anything it was image evoking.

 Now, as I eluded to before, this isn't thrash, it isn't grind, it's slower, not funeral dirge but most certainly elements of black and death metal that chug and sludge along.  Because of the huge bottom end sound there's a swampiness in terms of production that gives "Iron Scorn" a killer, post apocalyptic feel.  Fans of Noothgrush, Coffins and Winter will dig Legion of Andromeda and embrace "Iron Scorn" for sure.