“Legend of the Seagullmen”

By Dr. Abner Mality

Let us go down to the sea in ships to get our fill of rock and roll!

This briny stew is one of the goofiest and most appealing hard rock records to come aboard my stereo deck in many a moon. The Seagullmen are far from faceless lubbers, too, and boast names like Brent Hinds of Mastodon, Danny Carey of Tool and Pete Griffin of Dethklok in their crew. The real captain of this vessel seems to be film director Jimmy Heyward who did “Horton Hears A Who” but here plays a pretty mean guitar. What manner of bouillabasse do these swabs come up with here?

Legend of the Seagullmen has a good bit of tongue in cheek flavor but the musicianship and songwriting is of serious caliber. There is some Mastodon seasoning here, but done in more of a jammy hard rock fashion. Above all, the smell of salt sea air permeates this nautical tale of deep sea divers, giant squids and killer whales! There’s an intense catchiness to every song here that sinks deep into your head, heard nowhere better than on “We Are The Seagullmen”. This tight and rocking opening cut caught my interest right away and the band keeps the quality up with “The Fogger” and the hard and heavy prog of “Shipwreck”. There’s also a lot of cinematic orchestration to certain tracks that is done in an almost Morricone-like spaghetti Western way…”The Curse of the Red Tide” is quite huge and epic and “Ballad of the Deep Sea Diver” also has that flavor. This last song is the only one where the humor and corniness get a little out of hand.

The album actually flies by and Is interesting for its whole length. Nowhere near as ponderous as Tool and not quite as pretentious as recent Mastodon, Legend of the Seagullmen charts its own bold course into strange waters and is a delightful surprise.