"We Are All Born Evil"

By Theron Moore

If somebody asked me to put together a “best of 2018” list right now, I’d choose Sacred Leather, Thrust and Lechery as my top three picks.  Bullet will soon make that list too.  But right now Lechery have my full attention and rightfully so.  Straight ahead, no frills, balls to the wall, heavy as hell, hard rockin’ goodness.  And they’re not trying to mimic anyone or any band which really warms my forged-in-metal-heart. It gets boring hearing Motorhead or Priest or Venom being recycled for the billionth and one time.  Lechery is 100% original.  And it shows.

Two demos and three full length records later, these Swedes are at the top of their game.  There’s something incredible and truly admirable about the way Europeans view and embrace metal and Lechery exude that on record.  “We Are All Born Evil” is probably their finest offering to date.  The record begins with “Heavy Metal Invasion” which takes me back to Accept during their “Metal Heart” period which for me defined a particular early to mid 80’s metal sound and attitude.  Before we go any further let me just state for the record that there’s not a single song on this record that doesn’t rock, they’re all scorchers in their own right.  Every song hits it’s intended mark and reminds me why I dig heavy metal for its middle finger up high, it’s attitude and swagger. That’s Lechery, and that’s the overall feel ad vibe of “We Are All Born Evil.”
And the songs and Lechery’s sound isn’t rehash or copying some band’s image or style.  Their brand of metal, well, you feel its authenticity, how it comes straight from the heart.  They’re not reinventing the wheel, it’s back to basics with fierce riffs and throwing a fist in the air as evidenced by the title track, “We’re All Born Evil” as well as “Rule the World” an anthem if there ever was one.

If you’re a fan of 80’s Accept, Warrior Soul (think “Wasteland”) or Metal Church (“Blessing in Disguise” or “XI”), it’s a pretty apt description of both this record as well as Lechery.  Hard, heavy, with a very polished, forward driving sound.  I’m definitely recommending this record as well as making the polite suggestion to check out their back catalog as well.  NOT for fans of Avenged Sevenfold or Godsmack or Five Finger Death Poser.  This is REAL metal.