“Behold Almighty Doctrine”

By Derelikt Waugh

 I gotta tell ya, this just isn’t my cup of tea. Yeah, Lecherous Nocturne are beyond proficient. As a matter of fact, they’re jaw-dropping good. Unfortunately, being amazing at your instrument doesn’t mean that you’re equally amazing at writing songs. For me, this album is simply too much. Every song sounds like twenty songs shoved into one. That doesn’t mean this album is without merit, nor does it mean that you’ll hate it. It’s just not my style. It reminds me of Hate Eternal (who I’ve never been the biggest fan of). “Behold Almighty Doctrine” has more hooks than any Hate Eternal album, but it still sounds like someone threw twenty death metal albums into a washing machine, and then threw that washing machine down a flight of steps.

 It’s too relentless. Every song is designed to shatter the nerves and “melt the face”. Well, mission accomplished! I hate to sound like a pansy, but the whole thing is a bit too “brutal” for my liking. Once again, I’d like to state that this is a band that is incredibly talented, but they don’t produce the kind of death metal that I enjoy. It certainly beats the hell out of most deathcore bands, but it’s still not the kind of death metal that I’d rush out to buy. As far as this kind of band goes, I’d much rather listen to Horror of Horrors. There’s a band who manages to pull off technical, progressive, and catchy at the same time. If you dig Hate Eternal though, you’ll probably dig the Hell out of Lecherous Nocturne. Hell, give it a chance. Maybe you’ll be a bit more open-minded. Honestly, I hate to say that I dislike this band, but what can you do?