"Lambs To The Slaughter"

By Dr. Abner Mality

Let's get one thing out of the way from the jump...Laser Flames On The Great Big News has to be one of the WORST fuckin' names for a band I have ever heard! Right up there with Sharon Tate's Baby and The Diarrhea of Anne Frank. My God! A random word generator could come up with something better! And then check out the awful cover for "Lambs To The Slaughter"! Who is going to be enticed to buy this with a shitty cover and goofy name like that???

Fortunately, the music is better than the name and the cover. This four song EP is a strange and unpredictable beast that is sometimes sloppy, sometimes off the wall, but generally an intriguing listen. "Dead River" kicks things off with a big chunk of heavy Southern rock...a motif which appears throughout the EP. There's a sludgy feeling to the song, but not to the extent of a Sourvein or Weedeater. It gets quite melodic in the middle before returning to the original pattern. "Faith of the Herat" (spelling?) starts off in much the same way, but then, hold on to your suspenders, rednecks, because the song does a 180 into a blast-beating BLACK METAL ATTACK complete with shrieking vocals. It's an awkward segue but it sure as hell jolts you to attention. I'm kind of reminded of Jucifer by the odd juxtaposition of brutal extremity, Southern riffing and almost pop melodies.

The last two songs are the best. "Monster Truth" opens with an incredibly strong and powerful riff to die for...really catchy! Yet again there is the detour into something more melodic. "Not Living" is much the same, not quite as strong but still pretty hefty, drifting off into an almost "Layla" Derek and the Dominoes kind of fade out. Crazy as fuck...

There is a sense of awkwardness to "Lambs To The Slaughter" but the strong parts are very strong and there is potential here. But as far as the name Laser Flames On The Great Big News goes, that's hopeless.