"El Dorado Hotel"

By Dark Starr

It’s hard to go wrong with Lana Lane. She has one of the strongest voices in progressive rock and the songs on her discs do a great job of bridging hard rocking AOR sounds with modern and classic prog. Look no further than the very first cut, "A Dream Full of Fire", to discover how deftly Lana can mix mellow and heavy, progressive and radio friendly. It's also cool how she mixes in unexpected touches, like the Spanish motif of "El Dorado" and the Gregorian chants of  "Darkness Falls". The range is astounding but always melodic, reaching a peak on  epic final cut "In Exile", which has traces of Pink Floyd in it.

Each new Lana Lane album is greeted with welcome anticipation. In a lot of ways this lives up to all that promise. The only real problem is that someone decided to use autotune on a couple of tunes, with "Moon Good" being the worst offender.  Ostensibly the reasoning was to make it appeal to fans who like modern pop music. That really cheapens those songs. Fortunately it’s only on "Believe" and "Moon Good" and doesn’t occur that often in the songs. It’s a strong album that could have been better.