By Dr. Abner Mality

First, can I just volunteer to be Grace Perry's boy toy? For just 5 minutes? Please? Thank you...

Ahem. Landmine Marathon keep their momentum strong with "Gallows", following their awesome "Sovereign Descent" break-out release. This new one retains all the heaviness, speed and brutality of its predecessor but performs one significant alteration: the overwhelming resemblance to prime Bolt Thrower that was so obvious on "Sovereign Descent" has been noticeably reduced here. It hasn't disappeared completely...closing song "Morbidity" has a definite BT flavor to its morose crush...but it's not so completely engulfing. Instead, we get a wider variety of grinding death metal, ranging from the blistering punkiness of "Cloaked in Red" and "Dead Horses" to the more lengthy and "thought out" heaviness of "Knife From My Sleeve" and the aforementioned "Morbidity". In fact, some of the album hearkens back to Landmine Marathon's earlier disc "Rusted Eyes Shut" but sounding a lot thicker than anything there.

And what can we conclude about our raging hellcat Ms. Perry other than she could blow the balls off Barney Greenway in terms of vocal intensity as well as being more alluring than just about any Suicide Girl who displayed a forbidden piercing? This is the prototype extreme metal Valkyrie for the 21st century. She now sets the standard for every other female in this racket and really adds a special touch to Landmine Marathon's already vigorous assault.

Combine all this with a particularly gruesome cover and we have a seminal work of American grindcore.