"VII: Sturm Und Drang"

By Sgt Deth

First off . the title translates to storm and stress in German. And in case you haven’t heard by now, these guys have been through plenty since their last release, “Resolution” in 2012. Randy was incarcerated in the Czech Republic for an alleged manslaughter case. I am sure it was rough in a Czech prison, but he has come out swinging on this one. He doesn’t attack the Czech government in here at all. I don’t hear any whining or regrets, just good metal all the way through. The song “512” was also his cell number when he was in that eastern bloc hoosegow, but it only delves in to the criminal mind, not what happened to him over there. By the way, “512” is one of my favorite songs on this album, and I also love the video for it as well. That’s one thing that is also impressive… they seemed to spare no expense in promoting this new album. They released a few songs free of charge on the Web, and also had a couple free videos.

I cannot think of many songs that really stand out on their last two studio releases. They were ok, but they lacked some enthusiasm. I don’t think they knew which direction they were going to take before Randy’s Czech adventure. I think now they have a driving purpose. They have seen a harsh reality at first hand. I have heard defending Randy in Czech court completely bankrupted them. Maybe now they want to be as brutal as life has been to them. Even though Randy eventually won in court, I don’t think it will ever be laid to rest.

Well, with “Sturm Und Drang”, they are making an incredible entry in the metal hall of fame. Their talent is bright and shining on this one. Over 15 years honing their skills as a band has paid off. I cannot complain about the musicianship or the song writing skills. And Randy’s vocals have come back and are alive compared to the last two albums. He does not scream like in very earlier releases, but believe me, he gets his point across. The drums, guitars and everything is just great all the way through. And I won’t forget the production and mixing of this album; it is over the top. This is the most pumped up Lamb of God album ever and it sounds really, really good pumping out as loud as my speakers will allow. You should all go support this awesome and worthy band right now!