By Professor Jocko

If there ever were a time to put out a kick-ass album from some heavy-hitters in the metal industry, now is the time to do it! Thrash metal veterans Lamb of God have answered that call, putting out their seventh studio album titled "Resolution". Having been around for around 15 years now, they are now one of the top acts of modern heavy metal. Refusing to follow any bullshit trend, they have been coined as “pure American metal”, and as an American, I support this 100%. I saw these guys live a few years ago on one of Slayer's Jagermiester tours, as well as the Mayhem Fest the year before last and was blown away by their unstoppable energy; mainly with Randy Blythe's vocals and the guitars of Willie Adler and Mark Morton. What I appreciate most with "Resolution" is that this LP is noticeably different; as it combines elements of what might be punk rock & metal with some deep-riff blues that reflect an ultimate writing process that could only be pulled off in  a truly creative capacity.

Lamb of God has found the perfect formula and have stayed true to what they do best, and what the fans such as myself really want to hear and not a bunch of mindless dribble that seems to be regurgitated by many bands out there today. The darkest parts of this album are supremely complimented with a mix of acoustic guitars that add the perfect blend that sets this album aside from being anything but ordinary. They sound extremely skilled in their particular style, and unapologetic in their unique sound, regardless of where the trends are headed. "Resolution", when compared to "Wrath", shows how each member of the band steps up to the plate with their own performance, elevating the band to another level of intensity. Blythe seems to add new dynamics to the ability of his vocals, screaming relentlessly when needed and more controlled elsewgere, letting certain songs breathe musically.

The album's first track is titled "Straight for the Sun", and gives you the impression of something dark and sinister, reminding me of an early Black Sabbath riff, with a slower growl leading into a punch-in-the-face vocals of Blythe, reminding us of the intense power he consumes. The next track is "Desolation", and has qualities that all of  us old school metal freaks like to hear; mainly raw-edge riffs and a driving beats reinforced with scorching vocals. The next song, appropriately called "Ghost Walking" is very impressive, starting with acoustic guitar with an evil twang that combines strong riffs at different speeds giving us a variety of styles with each member of the band as a solid contributor.

If speed is what you are after, then the tracks "Guilty" and "Cheated" are what will break your neck in the mosh-pits…just don’t cross me there, because I take it personal...I live (and die) in the pit! The sixth song on the release, coincidentally titled "The Number Six", ironically has a  chorus which chants "You dug your own grave" , that brings chills to the spine as Blythe’s vocals rip through to the end. The track called "Terminally Unique", is  one of the more notable songs, as it seems to have more of a dynamic build-up where the guitars of  Adler and  Morton are concerned, demonstrating more of a dynamic quality with tempo and refinement, especially towards the end. John Campbell has turned up the heat individually as well, with songs that boast a prominent blues-based bass riff, more specifically with the last track called "King Me", which could very well be the band’s longest song to date.

"Resolution" will inevitably please any of their more loyal fans, as well as anyone into the very metal that makes this country the best place on Earth for true metal. With a perfect balance of talent and demand, this demonic quintet continues as king of the mountain with both technique and style while maintaining a timeless sound. "Resolution" is more than a compilation of ball-breaking thrash tunes; it is a release of solid delivery, power & aggression, topping one awesome song after another.