"The Missing Peace"

By The Gil-Man

It's been way too long - 15 years to be exact - since Tracii Guns and Phil Lewis put out new L.A. Guns music together and their latest effort, "The Missing Peace", truly hits the mark.

Make no mistake about it, this record features the monster guitar riffs of Guns and the strong, unmistakable vocals of Lewis, but the entire band - Johnny Martin (Bass), Michael Grant (Rhythm Guitar) and Shane Fitzgibbon (Drums) - is allowed to shine and show its versatility and personality, which it has plenty of.

From the opening riffs of "It's All The Same to Me", the high-energy, guitar-driven songs remind one of the classic 80's L.A. Guns, but with a fresh feel to them.  The first single off of the album, "Speed", is destined to become a classic and a staple in their live shows for years to come.  The album changes gears midway through through the record with the ballad, "Christine", which again is classic L.A. Guns, but things don't slow down for long, as things pick right back up with the next song, "Baby Gotta Fever".  Other favorite tracks include "The Flood's the Fault of the Rain", with a heavily blues influenced vibe, and the title track, "The Missing Peace", together really showing off the band's versatility.

All-in-all, "The Missing Peace" is a strong effort from a band you would expect nothing less from.  If you're a long-time fan of L.A. Guns, this is the record you were hoping would happen once you heard that Tracii and Phil were getting back together.  Add a supporting cast of great musicians that sound like they have been playing together most of their lives and this album will be near the top of your list of 2017 releases.