"Chronicles of a Dark Machine"

By Dark Starr

This is a power trio from the UK. They remind me of Living Colour quite a bit. King’s X is another valid reference point. This is very much metal, though. That makes it rock harder and heavier than either of those bands. 

“Slipping Away” is the opener and it is definitely modern metal. It’s high energy and pretty catchy. There is a great heavy crunch at play here. In some ways the vocal arrangement reminds me a bit of Living Colour. The general musical concept isn’t really changed on “Captain America.” I love this smoking hot tune, though. The chorus is extremely melodic, really. 

More purely metal, “Kill Them All” really rocks. It’s definitely got a lot of that Living Colour vibe, though. I love the soaring melodic guitar solo. In some ways “Egocentric Suicide” takes us some definite new directions. There are some technical metal movements here. This is screaming hot, but also very complex. It’s one of my favorites pieces of the disc. 
Although “Oxygen” isn’t a big change from the format, it’s another screaming hot tune. There are some mellow moments here, though, that do represent definite variety. The instrumental section on “Taking Control” is awesome. That’s particularly true of the guitar solo. In some ways I’m reminded of a heavier King’s X here. 
If the song that preceded it made me think of King’s X, “I Know Why” really does. It’s like a cross between modern metal, King’s X and Living Colour. It has a great groove and some catchy hooks. There are some epic metal elements on “I Feel Blue.” Still, it grooves in similar ways as the rest of the disc. 

“Take Your Soul” really screams. The instrumental section is a big change. There are some female vocals, too. The title track is a melodic metal instrumental. It’s cool cut and a big change.