“Remnants of Expansion”

By Dr. Abner Mality

Krypts have clawed their way out of the grave to spread more Finnish darkness upon the land. I recall their debut as being one of the very best new death metal offerings of recent years.

“Remnants of Expansion” is not a disappointment but it is different. The band has become all-out death/doom metal, shedding almost all of their blast beats and fast riffing to create a stifling onslaught of musty, cavernous doom. Only five tracks on display but most of them are epics, none more so than the first track “Arrow of Entropy”, which crawls on for 13 plus minutes. Length like this puts my patience to the test, but Krypts pass the test. If you like huge, evil chunks of doom mixed with your death metal, including vocals that sound like they come from a tomb, this will be your huckleberry. A grim monolith!

That feeling of morbid doom persists through the next four tracks. The title track is relatively brief, but extremely powerful. “Entrailed To The Breaking Wheel” is the album’s best….crushing death/doom turns into a complete volcanic blast before returning to the original pace. “Transfixed” ends the album with more sorrowful music.

If you don’t mind the slower pace, “Remnants of Expansion” is still one hell of a brutal experience. I have to say Void Meditation Cult is nastier yet, though.