"Unending Degredation"

By Dr. Abner Mality

If this band were any more death metal, the Grim Reaper himself would be afraid of them.  Remember when the main point of death metal was not mere aggression, but creating a feeling like you were buried alive? Krypts remember that time well. This is death metal that sounds DEAD...dead and rotten and festering in the ground.

2013 is barely into February as I write this, but it will a mighty task to surpass "Unending Degredation" when it comes to sheer morbid atmosphere. Many bands are trying to recreate the primitive horror of early DM...Krypts easily grasps that concept and manages to sound even more convincing than the old masters. This sucker has a dark, dark, DARK sound to it...deep, cadaverous guitar tones, bone-shuddering bass, decayed roaring vocals. The pace is very doomy and speed is very judiciously applied. I am of the opinion that you just can't have fast morbid riffs that are as effective as slow, crawling ones. Krypts' riffs crawl over your brain like maggots! For example, listen to the lumbering DOOM of the track "Inhale", which brilliantly gives way to the more up-tempo crush of "The Black Smoke". Devastating shit! Any lover of Grave and Autopsy will be digging this the most.

I think "Dormancy of the Ancients" and "Open The Crypts" dragged on maybe a little too long and that is the only criticism I can aim at this macabre masterpiece. And the album builds up to its most suffocating and arcane track, "Beneath the Archaic", which is a death/doom classic. This album is rather like its cover art...bleak, oppressive, smothering all life, all hope.

Krypts has arrived.