"Cut The Noose"

By Dr. Abner Mality

People Like You Records is a super reliable source of hardcore and punk related bands with a metallic tinge. They've released some real good stuff lately including records from Roger Miret and The Disasters, horrorpunks Blitzkid, German hell-raisers SS-Kaliert and yes, the latest from Austin's long running Krum Bums.

There's not a whole hell of a lot you can say about "Cut The Noose" except that it's 31 minutes of fast and catchy punk with melody in the vocals and metal in the guitar tone. It's high energy fun that seems full of familiar riffs (but what record like this doesn't?) that makes you feel like flying around the room in a reckless manner. Every tune has got its hook. Some are thrashier and more metallic ("Starving Wolves", "Poison Myself") while others are quite melodic ("Hit and Run") but the thrashy stuff is never really metal and the melodic stuff is never actually pop/punk. Still plenty of meanness and bite in the Krum Bums, especially the vocals of Dave Tejas.

A simple but aggressive record to pogo to, like most of People Like You's roster.