"Arisen New Era"

 by Thor

France’s Kronos is not what I’d classify as tech death, although they’re very technically proficient, from the drumming to the fantastic guitar soloing.  

On their latest release, “Arisen New Era,” they play a very tried and true strain of the death metal.  It’s nothing unique or altogether memorable, yet it’s incredibly clean and well-executed.  Songs are emphasized over musical wanking, never becoming too busy.  They know when to stick with a catchy riff and they utilize a nice balance of blast beats and groove, though there’s a disappointing and utter lack of slamming.

The brew Kronos conjures on “Arisen New Era” is very reminiscent to that of bands like Aeon, older Decapitated, and certain elements Gorgasm, but with less use of primitive, visceral brutality.  There’s more of a tendency to rest everything on conventional, melodic underpinnings with some brutal simplicity laced in throughout.  The vocal style is an extremely conventional and well-articulated guttural, with sparse back up screams.

Conceptually, Kronos is writing about really classically “metal,” and dare I say, cliché topics.  Obviously, that’s ok.  It sort of reflects their overall approach.  With songs such as “Zeus Dethroned,” “Soul-Voracious Vultures,” and “Klymenos Underwrath,” I’m sure you get the idea.

“Arisen New Era” is a slickly produced collection of solid death metal songs, with nothing to make it stand out from the crowd, but no weaknesses either.