"Live Forever"

By Dr. Abner Mality

Maybe it's because the country was founded by convicts and misfits, but Australia has always produced the rawest and filthiest music. No matter if it's death metal, black metal, punk rock or even bluesy swagger like Rose Tattoo, there's something unhinged and off the cuff with Aussie music. Well, now we have Kromosom, a messy and crusty aberration of punk-fueled madness that makes other Southern Lord acts such as Oiltanker and Nuclear Death Terror sound positively genteel.

The 15 chunks of angry crustcore regurgitated here push the concept of unpolished production about as far as it can go and the result is a haymaker to the jaw. Overflowing with raw buzziness, monstrous bass tones and screaming insanity, this is true punk rebellion at its nastiest. Grindcore fans should also dig what Kromosom does, but the roots of this stuff lie in GBH, Doom, Anticimex and Varukers more than Napalm Death.  The riffing has little to do with death metal and thrash but because it's so pissed off and full of buzz, this has the potential to turn many extreme metallers into extreme punkers.

Highlights are "Shapeshifter",  "Chaos Night", "Force Fed Lies" and the chugging title track. There's little more to say about Kromosom, except that these dudes are so dirty that you will feel like you've spent all day diving in the landfill when you're done with "Live Forever".