“Devoured By Damnation”

By Dr. Abner Mality

If you’re in the mood to go completely batshit demonic crazy, rip up Bibles, burn down churches, mow down parishoners with a machine gun, then this will be your record of the year. Been a long time since I heard the name of Kratornas, but this Phillipine death squad have returned noisier and more chaotic than ever.

Deiphago is a good band to compare Kratornas with. Just an absolute, almost mindless onslaught of machine gun drumming, speed for speed’s sake riffing, cat strangling guitar solos blasting out of every corner and vocals that sound like a wolverine getting neutered with no anesthesia. Over the top description? Hell yes, nothing else suffices! This has kind of the same effect that Deicide’s self-titled did back around 1990.

For me, this kind of bestial blitz gets old very fast. A couple of the slower riffs like on “Blood of the Devil” and the title track will stay with me. The rest goes by in a cyclone. Naturally, when we see a picture of the band, it’s guys letting long hair hang in front of their face, hands turned into arthritic claws, bullet belts and denim vests…yada, yada, the works. But Kratornas know exactly what they are and don’t pretend otherwise. This is sheer Satanic holocaust and if that’s what you’re looking for, that’s what you’ll get in spades. Every once in a while, you just wanna go fuckin’ berserk and that’s the urge that Kratornas satisfies. BEWARE!