KORZUS "Discipline of Hate"

REZET "Have Gun, Will Travel"

By Dr. Abner Mality

Anybody waiting for the thrash boom to run out of steam, you're SOL. As long as Korzus and Rezet are around, this "trend" is gonna keep crankin' for a long, long time.

Korzus are from Brazil and supposedly predate even Sepultura. They deliver an energetic and workmanlike effort with "Discipline of Hate" that definitely has that trademark Brazillian thrash sound. Think of Sepultura in the "Chaos A.D." era mixed with fellow countrymen Overdose. Their brand of thrash lays pretty heavy on the groove aspect and while it has the muscle to satisfy, I can't say it delivers anything extraordinary. I'll bet these dudes scorch live, but on record, there seems to be a necessary edge lacking that could push Korzus from "good" to "great".

Maybe Germany's Rezet bought up all that edge for themselves, because these guys blow out more windows than an 8.0 earthquake. Holy shit, what a textbook example of thrash metal "Have Gun, Will Travel" is! Seriously! You can tell the difference from the insane "Red Alert" right through to the epic "Final Breath". Rezet plays in two modes: fast and faster! Only "Final Breath" offers some melodic breaks, but it's no token ballad but something that will singe your pubes right off! In between, we get killer mosh monsters like "Toxic Avenger", "Altar of Satan" and the awesome title track. The sound is Bay Area-meets-Bavaria, with the perfect mix of American and German thrash characteristics. Add in Schmier-like vocals and you've got a recipe for a pure thrash holocaust! I hope Rezet gets the exposure they deserve, because they definitely belong with the likes of Warbringer, Merciless Death and Evile at the top of the neo-thrash heap.

Gotta get me a neckbrace STAT!!!!