By Theron Moore

Not a lot of anything really new or exciting here.  It’s folk metal, it’s pint drinking music, it makes you want to hoist a few and dance awkwardly in old timey clothes under a winter moon.  But is the music good?  I reluctantly say yes, this band doesn’t disappoint.  They’ve got a formula, they’ve figured out how to consistently make good music and they do.  You can argue AC/DC does the same thing but if you’re a fan who cares, right?  I say more power to you because, honestly, I’m not a fan.

So, what to expect on “Noita” -- lots of accordion, violins and a nomadic gypsy feel that permeates the whole disc and oh yeah, the metal.  All cards on the table, I thought the vocals sounded cartoony, the metal was under-utilized and the folk metal aspect was played to death.  And that’s the good news.

And just when you think you’ve heard it all, everything I’ve mentioned so far, you get smacked right in the brain with…what the hell?  Can it be?  Yep.  A Finnish cover version of “Mony, Mony” translated “Jouni, Jouni.”  And now you’ve lost me forever, like into a black hole forever.  I tried, I really did try to like this record and this band but “Mony, Mony” or “Jouni, Jouni” or whatever you want it is killed it, left it dead in the water, sunk it to the bottom.  I can’t take this band seriously.  And that goes for you, too, Ensiferum ,with your cover of “Rawhide.”  Please no more of this crap.  PLEASE.