“Blood Eel”

By Dr. Abner Mality

It’s been a while since I’ve heard the name of this masked Chicago terror squad. They return to action with the rather coolly named “Blood Eel” and it continues the style of eerie, dissonant black metal that they were known for previously.

This is a cold, mechanical sounding record that often deals in drone and repetition, but delivers enough power and speed to keep your interest.  After the long dreary synth intro “Absolutum”, complete with plenty of Latin verbiage, the title track snaps you back to attention with a wall of crushing guitar and the crazed rants of the anonymous vocalist. When this band is in full flight, they rival Marduk and Gorgoroth. I do think some of their songs go on a bit longer than they should, but they avoid the excess of other bands of this ilk.

There are some pretty good riffs nestled in the likes of “Ice Giant” and “Aeon Generator” and the song “Cimmerian Thrust” has a hint of old thrash and Immortal to add interest. You have to prepare yourself for long stretches of repeated themes here, but that often builds tension for the next change of direction.

An almost industrialized form of black metal here for those brave enough to take the journey.