By Rusty Coffinnails

Coming at us from the dark cold dirty industrial town of Drammen, Norway’s Koldbrann is a great offering to the Norwegian black metal scene.  Most Norwegians merely look upon this place as a grey and foul road junction, on the way to Oslo...a perfect breeding ground for this sort of material.

They have been the leading forces in the Norwegian underground Black Metal scene since they were founded in 2001 by vocalist Mannevond.The first few songs are in Norwegian so as for what they are saying I do not know, but I fully enjoyed  the experience and imagined what it must be like at one of their shows in a cold dark out of the way place in Norway. Might have to add this to my "bucket list".....

Their music is true to Black Metal for it is cold raw and dark. It may be considered a bit unorthodox black metal by some but you be the judge.The first track titled Intro Vertigo is an introduction to the band and what they can do. This track will kick and pound you while dragging you across a field of rusty iron shavings in a dark graveyard and leave you still wanting more.It’s difficult to compare Koldbrann to other black metal bands but I do get a bit of Enslaved from them in the first track.

I fully enjoyed this album and it's industrial undertones gave my sound system a full work out with it. The vocal range morphs from stirring screams to menacing spoken words. The drummer adds a relentless pounding that is sure to crack the foundation and send small animals running for cover. The guitars and bass will further assault the fiber of time and space causing the formation of a soul sucking black hole, and this is called Koldbrann!

"Phantom Kosmonaut} is my top pick for this album.It takes you along with the hapless traveler on you final voyage into the dark foreboding and sinister reaches of outer space, where you will witness the destruction of your home world while being left to your own slow demise.