“Rutiinen Orja”

By Dr. Abner Mality

Whooo-wheeee! This is some pretty spicy shit from the cold forests of Finland. That country can usually be counted on for potent music of all kinds and Kohti Tuhoa are like a blast of ghost pepper sauce directly on the tongue…fiery and harsh!

This is nothing but pure punk speed…ripping, crusty, brutal! And it is ALL fast! No slowing down for mosh parts or chunky riffs. Think of crazy Japanese noise punk bands like GISM and SOB, along with screamers like Septic Death. There’s more of a straight punk feeling to some tunes while others are pretty close to grindcore. For me to go over all of these short nuclear blasts would be nuts and writing all the crazy Finnish songtitles would kill my computer. Trust me when I say, if you are looking for punk at its most insane, check these guys out.

Oh, I forgot to mention the singer is a girl who sounds like she wants to murder everybody on the planet. Her name is Helena, only I would change the spelling to HELL-ena. It’s not growling or bellowing…more like female shrieking to the max.

“Rutiinen Orja” will likely exhaust your brain the way it did mine, but for a flamethrower loaded with punk rock napalm, Kohti Tuoha hits the spot!