"Here On My Feet"

By Dr. Abner Mality

Here's another example of "modern metal" from Italy's Bakerteam Records. I have to admit, I find Bakerteam's ventures into this genre more interesting than the many symphonic/power metal bands on their roster. 81db was a very pleasant surprise with "A Blind Man's Dream" and now we have Knowing2Fly (hereafter referred to as K2F).

This doesn't reach the heights of 81db, but it's not for lack of energy or ambition. K2F falls into some eye-rolling cliches of nu-metal or hard alternative but they balance those moments with some real fire and cool arrangements. The album starts out heavy and quick with "3.2"...OK, thrashers won't give a shit, but this is not wimpy Nickelback stuff, either. The real fun starts with "Burn This Rock", which is almost jumping out of its skin with pure energy. Good crunchy modern metal...this now has my attention. "Point of No Return" starts with an awesome catchy hook, cools down into a more "alternative" part and returns with a heavy duty thump. If the whole album had been in the vein of these first 3 tracks and the later "Sun Reader", it would have been a true classic. But K2F just can't keep the momentum up. "My Demons" is a typical alternative style ballad, "Hidden By You" is hard but nothing special. The band do try to mix their sound up, with varied success. Keyboards and an odd kind of alt-rock twang are on "Unhitch", which unfortunately features some pretty bad vocals (singing is not a big strong point on the whole album) while the bizarrely titled "Specular Twin Diadems" seems kind of weird for weird's sake.

Just when I was getting ready to stick a fork in "Here On My Feet", along comes the album's most ambitious and best arranged song, "Sun Reader", which starts with a very dreamy psychedelic sound before getting very heavy and pounding. The most mature song of the album! The record winds up with "Soothin' Myself" and "UnWise", both of which are OK slabs of nu-metal but nothing to take your breath away.

There is potential in Knowing2Fly. When this record is at its best, as on "Burn This Rock", "Point of No Return" and "Sun Reader", it is really potent.  I hope their next album will keep them on an upward trajectory.