"Nine Paths"

by Octopi Mills

Ah, the area of "prog"....The Dutch band Knight Area have talent in the form of musicianship and within the areas of skill in their instruments. There is some emphasis on guitars and formulas that seem to give the listener the impression these folks find their higher merits within the mellow swirl of keys and passages in a sort of trade of insturmentation- in this, i mean that, there is the sound of a band forming, aiming somewhere within a common goal of emotional, airy and heady works, something in the vein of finding their own sound within these mediums. There is an almost Bread/Queen/Styx sound coming on here, in vocal delivery and in terms of general reference from my own mind. There is a flow that is true, between the bass and drums and there is little doubt these are true musician types, though i have always been one who cannot find much listening in this type of music.

This being said, i think there is a valid audience for this music, and one look into the band and their credentials as performers will certainly suggest this is so, however, i do not buy it myself and I must be frank when i say this music will never spin in my own home in such an age when an album must be great to own or buy. I am not saying this music is terrible, and i will say the soft, aerial and liquid flow of the band is fresh air in this world of smelly,moldy black metal departure. If you are an enthusiast of what one might consider "prog" or perhaps, even, "power metal" with such said influences, this may interest you. Certainly it does not seem false like much of today's ego driven horse manure...