By Professor Jocko

When you think of mainstream rock bands and where they come from, Hollywood or Los Angeles is probably your first guess, and not Germany. Although European bands have been prominent for the last 50 years, your glam rock bands have been mostly seen in American venues. To see these rock stars is one thing, but to hear them is another; they have a huge sound with a lot of punch that makes each song better than the last. The opening track, “I've Got The Fire” is a build-up of a triumphant collection of guitars and vocals which express the instant energy and exquisite songwriting talent of singer Hannes Braun. 

The band continues that enthusiasm throughout the next several tracks with an anthem-like sound which is strongly complimented with powerful vigor and bouncy hooks. Braun displays incredible control over each song with a voice that was meant for singing in a rock band. Consecutive tracks such as “Somebody's Gotta Do It” and the album title track, “Ecstasy” really seem to reinforce the contrast of Braun’s unique voice and the driving beat which has triumphant moments that allow the song to breathe, showcasing incredible writing and composition talents of the rest of the members of the band. 

As with any band of this particular genre, an album wouldn’t be complete without a ballad; perhaps made mostly for radio play, or maybe even to add a sensitive side their musical repertoire? Nonetheless, “Still Around” exhibits all of those staple earmarks of such a song, which displays certain dynamics within the writing that carry the music lightly throughout the chorus with presence and continuing strength to the end.

I must say that my personal favorite is a mystical track called “Heart of Stone”. It starts with some traditional aspects, but delves into something that borders on somber rock styles, yet maintains a harder rock status with the chorus and vocal compliments. The perfect ending to a near perfect album is called “No Time to Wonder”, which is perhaps a pinnacle to the gritty attitude of the entire compilation of previous songs, capitalizing on what rock and roll infuses into all of us, building upon what makes us tick.