“Kings Destroy”
By Theron Moore

Heavy, stoner and grungy which normally would be a good thing with me but to be honest, I’ve heard better more recently with Lord Dying and The Midnight Ghost Train.  And “Kings Destroy” just didn’t pack that same punch that these aforementioned bands had and pulled off well.

I think my big problem with the record lies in the fact that the songs were weak, they didn’t move me.  And I couldn’t get past the vocals either which struck me as a poor man’s Masters of Reality both song and vox wise.  Kings Destroy just doesn’t sound like the same band I heard before.

Musically there were some heavy moments but not enough to win me over.  In fact, it was hard just getting through this record period.  “Kings Destroy” is a far cry from their 2010 record “And The Rest Will Surely Perish” which is great.  Buy that one and avoid this self-titled release. At best “Kings Destroy” is an inglorious train wreck.  AVOID.