"Rendered Waters"

By Colonel Angus

Kingdome Come is not a name that comes up often when my friends and I discuss music. We all agree that Lenny Wolf and company have come up with some great music but it seems that here in the states, the band has gone M.I.A. ever since the In Your Face record. I have always searched out Kingdome Come records but unfortunately have had to pay higher prices to get them due to the fact that they are generally only available as imports. Well, thanks to Steamhammer/SPV, they are releasing this disk in the States on April 5th and my recommendation is to buy it right away. This record can be enjoyed by older fans and it is a great introduction to newer fans.

Like I mentioned earlier, I'm an old fan, so you're probably asking yourself why I would want it. It contains 8 re-recorded tunes and only 3 new songs. It almost smacks of rip-off because that it how the record companies get fans to buy greatest hits releases: throw on a few new tracks and the die-hard fans will have to buy it, too. Well, this release is a little different. The older cuts have not only been re-recorded but they have also been reworked to a point. They were basically updated to have a little more current feel but they still have the same structure for the most part. "Can't Deny" and "Should I?" still sound similar to their versions on "Hands of Time" (a much overlooked disc) but they have a bit more of an organic feel to them now. It is a little less 80's and more 2000's. "Rendered Waters" is also different because this is not a greatest hits package but more of a "deeper cuts" release. "17" (as it is spelled out) and "Pushing Hard" were not hits off the self-titled LP, so that makes this package a little more adventurous. As for the newer material, it actually fits in nicely with the older tracks. They have the same feel and vibe, but I have to admit, they would have felt out of place had they used the original versions of the songs instead of the re-recorded versions here.

Many people gave Kingdom Come a bad rap due to their first record sounding like Led Zeppelin. I say "so what?"...good music is good music. Lenny Wolf and Kingdom Come have always made quality music and "Rendered Waters" is just another example of what these guys are capable of. If you have those older disks like I do, I still recommend you get this because you will be surprised at how free those older tunes sound. SPV have a winner on their hands. Now all I want is for Kingdom Come to release an album of all-new material and tour the States. It has been way too long since they played this side of the Atlantic.