"Created in the image of Suffering"

by Octopi Mills 

The promotional statements say wild things such as "black sabbath fronted by Mazzy star", and "ethereal doom", or things like "recommended if you like P.J Harvey"; things like that- things which turn out to be true, I'm afraid. That is, with the exception that Sabbath's holy name was used in vain...

One word songs titles abound, just like in the days of grunge and alternative. The vocals are treated to create a more "ethereal" sound, much like some of what was mentioned in the promo, with a stoned sort of approach that may be real or imagined. San Francisco is the home of King Woman, that great place of finely feathered, peacock headed pride and pickled prosperity. The music is sort of like a transgender marriage of shoegaze and a thin soup of half hearted doom covered with a light sauce; no, a light glaze, of "alternative rock", if I may be so insulting as to use terms others use. "Hierophant" sounds like a heroin addict's nonsensical poetry during a rainy night of lock changes after a residential break-up and I feel the shame of mankind. Muttering, rambling vocals are childishly enabled by the guitars that steal the maturity away from the music, as if putting it into a high chair smeared in applesauce before slapping on a new adult diaper onto someone who damn well should know better. The drums and bass are no better, as they enable the whole affair and attempt to give it some kind of credibility, and they simply play ball with the incompetence of the whole fling.

I think "Worn" could be about the black panties owned by the lead vocalist from the old eighties band, The Cure, but I know it's just plain old scorn that makes this a reasonable notion. Utterly unoriginal and sounding the same is not always to be scorned, but the album surely fits these adjectives, though not even with the motivation or cunning it could have. A lazy attempt at deceiving the listener into thinking they are hearing something artistic is something I must have thought I saw somewhere in the description, though I know it was never written there.